Plexi vs Fabric GLue

My topic for today is glue!

I have touched on gluing Lycra to Lycra before in previous blogs, but I want to get to specifics! Now in the dance world many of my viewers will be familiar with name Jones Tones or Plexi glue. It is a widely use product that saves us so much time! No more do you have to individually hand sew that line of sequins, now you just add glue and glitter and you’re ready to sparkle!!

Firstly, I just want to highlight you all on the description of Plexi glue form the Jones Tones Website (

Dries clear as glass.

All Purpose for fabrics & crafts.

Durable, stays soft & flexible.

Our first glue and a best seller.

A favorite to keep on hand for any project!

Use on styrofoam, candles, wood, paper, leather, and plastic.

400-Plexi Glue:Multi-Use & Permanent.

Always test for best results. Glue stays tacky when dry. Adheres gliter, appliques, decorations and foil. Dry flat 8 hours. Wash after 72 hours.

Non-toxic-Waterbase-Acid Free.

And another from Punch with Judy


Certified Non-Toxic, Acid Free, Stretchable, Clear Glue suitable for any surface including Fabric, Leather, Wood, Paper, Candles & Glass.

Excellent for all stretch fabrics or for applying sequins, flat-back stones or brass charms.

We use it to apply our Punch needle Embroidery designs as appliqués so it is suitable for normal appliqué too. May be used as a Spray Glue or as a Foil Adhesive.

I like it because it is a safe and easy to use white, tacky glue that dries clear and has a fine tip applicator.

Now you may be wondering why I have given you all this information??

I have searched high and low on the Internet to find out what ingredients make Jones Tones Plexi Glue. And to no avail have I been able to find the information.

The reason why I wanted to find this information is because I have a sneaky suspicion that some of the Jones Tones glues maybe made out of a similar compound.

Now specifically I am talking in terms of the 400- Plexi Glue and the 407- Fabric Glue

407 - Fabric Glue

Dries perfectly clear.

Formulated for high performance.

Durable, stays soft & flexible.

Can be sewn through once dry.

Perfect for swimwear, knits & yarn. Ideal for quliting and fabric crafts.

Multi-Use & Permanent.

Always test for best results. Adheres appliqués, trims, lace, ribbon and decorative accents.

Dry flat 8 hours. Wash after 72 hours.

Non Toxic -Waterbase - Acid Free

These are the main points that I want to highlight about Plexi glue

  • All Purpose for fabrics & crafts.

  • Durable, stays soft & flexible.

  • Excellent for all stretch fabrics (Definitely true)

  • For applying sequins, flat-back stones or brass charms. (I haven’t tried Plexi glue for this for stones before, but the description say all purpose)

  • Stretchable, For clothing and craft (from the bottles label)

Now when you read this doesn’t it make it seem that Plexi Glues can do the same job as the fabric glue??

In my personal opinion I SAY YES!!!

As I have a use Plexi Glue for this exact purpose on many Leotards featured on this blog and personal Leotards of my own.

Shadow Swan

Fluffy Bunny

So does this mean that is a marketing ploy to make consumers buy more glue?

I am sorry to say I think it might be correct.

When you read the labels that say pretty much the same thing but in a different way!

Please tell me what you think? Do you think I’m right with Plexi glue and Fabric Glue or am I totally off track??