Bling up at home!

I have neglected these blog posts for a while! So it’s time to bring them back!!! BLING UP AT HOME

Honesty it is hard to come up with original idea and ways to bling the every day items. So if you have any ideas of object that I could try and “BLING” let me know below or through the websites contact page.

The object to the bling table this time is……

A pillow or cushion

My idea for this basic white cushion is to put a large letter on it in glitter.

I like the curly, calligraphy style of lettering, which is why I have gone with glitter, as the curves look better. But if you want to diamante a letter on to a cushion I would suggest a Times New Roman style font face.

Plus glittering takes way less time than “diamanting”.

First off I draw my letter in pencil on to the fabric, the best part of this is if you make a mistake you and rub it out. And if it doesn’t all come out after rubbing a quick wash will do the trick.

Once you are happy with your design it is time to start adding the glue. Now because this letter is so big you are either going to have to work super fast so the parts of the glue don’t dry or do it in sections.

I did it in two sections because I was concerned in making sure my lines were straight.

And then sprinkle the glitter over the glue.

Once the glue is dried and you have taken off the excess glitter I suggest going out side on the grass and giving it good shake. It is important that the glue is dry for this step!

After you have done this you might fines that there maybe little section that you have missed, which is fine you just need to fill in the holes with glue and repeat the process again.

And then you’re done!!