Gypsy Folk

Today I take a look at leotard that I wore when I was a lot younger! Even though it was make for a folk dance it was one of my favourite leotards at the time and one I still love. It is simple and looks great on stage, and it has velvet on it too!

As I said before I still really like this leotard, and it is still in good condition. So it seems such a waste for it to just to sit in the wardrobe. Soooooo..... I decided to give it a new skirt and add a few more sparkles to it.

Now because this was apart of a folk dance the skirts were long, red, and went down to our knees. Thus this is the reason why I wanted to change the skirt, and luckily for me the skirt wasn’t attached to the leotard. YAY! So there was no unpicking involved!!

The skirt that I have added is black Lycra mesh that has been cut on the circle and then shaped and sewn on. The best thing about using Lycra for skirt is that you don’t have to hem!

Then the last little bit I did was added some extra sparkle to the leotard.

Which included:

Glitter in the gold embellishment

Bows, ribbon, pineapple beads and stones

I really didn’t have to add much at all to this leotard, but just adding these extra little bits gives it a refreshed look.

The Final Product :)