Today’s inspiration comes from the Ancient Greeks with a slight modern twist.

What I like about this style is flowing fabrics, and how the garment cascades down to the wears feet. Their base style was simple and practical to the climate, “the less fabric and complicating seams to deal with, the better”. I must say I do like that ideal!!

Now days we see many modern version of the Grecian style at formal and red carpeted events. Below I have complied a few images of the modern style to act as my inspiration for my flowing aspect.

As for the leotard in it’s self I’m sticking to the less is more and keeping the lines super clean. It will be made with a small section cut out at the waist and nothing more.

In terms of details to add I wanted to keep that simple too. But that certainly changed once I started!

I started off using glitter dots and circles to create that extra sparkle on one part section of the leotard. However it looked really flat, so I decided to add some diamantes in the similar colour to give it more dimension.

But when I placed the chiffon across the front it was still was not working…

Therefore I decide to add a variety of stones to that section and some aqua diamantes to give it a little bit extra definition.

The other detail that I will add is some lace on top of the shoulder. I really wasn’t too sure what colour I was going decorate the lace with, as the rest of the leotard is silver and white. But because I had added the aqua on the other side I decide to continue it on the shoulder.

You may have notice that some of the photos are opposite. That is because I actually made two leotards this week that are exactly the same!

And the final product :)