Electric Blue

We are our own harshest critics.

For me this ideal is born out of the trait of perfectionism… though can perfectionism really be achieved????

In no way do I say my leotards are perfect, and I can easily point out the fault/s at the snap of the fingers. However, this week I though I would do something a little bit different and give you a critic on this week leotard.

I am not saying that this leotard is bad or that I don’t like it. Because trust me if I didn’t like or though that I wasn’t up to scratch it wouldn’t appear on the blog!!

I’m just being honest.

The leotard

So I have highlighted four topics below that I felt are relevant.


I found that once I added the skirt to the leotard that the top line should have been on a sharper gradient and had more flesh between the top and the bottom half.


I am definitely NOT loving this particular type of flesh that I have recently brought. It is way too stretchy which can cause your shapes on the leotard to distort. And it definitely cause hassle when doing the elastic, as pictured below.


I was so fixated on using the colours of electric blue for this week’s blog because I was inspire by a particular idea. However, when I came to making it that I realised that did not have any dark / royal or electric blue lace. Thus this is why I went with the added colour black. I feel over all this darkens the over all colour leotard.


As mentioned before I didn’t like the top line of the skirt, so to hide this problem I added lace to make it less evident. However I struggled to find a piece of symmetrical lace to add to the center of the back. So instead I used some fancy elastic.

Little bit of a shorter blog tonight, however I feel it is always refreshing to show how sometimes things don’t go to plan and how you go about trying to fix them. Especially for all you budding “leotardist” out there.