Pink Orchid

This week we are about the flower power!!


I’m using my favourite flower, the orchid … artificial of course. ;)

The idea for this leotard is a baby doll style with two distinct colours, a sparkly black velvet skirt with a light blue top. The feature of this leotard is going to be the flowers, which will be used to soften the starkness of the two bold colours that make up the leotard.

I am using a few techniques that I have shown before:

  • Gluing Lycra to Lycra. The only thing different is that I’ve glued flesh on top of coloured Lycra. The flesh these days isn’t as translucent as it use to be, which meant that I could put on top of the Lycra. Thus saving myself a lot of time as I didn’t have to cut out intricate patterns with in different layers of Lycra.

What is new about today’s blog is the flowers. I have used flowers before to make headgears but I have never sewn artificial flowers onto a leotard before.

Though they are not technically difficult to sew on, they are fiddly. And the plastic structures do get in the way when hand sewing, though you just have to work around them.

In terms of decoration on the leotard, I have gone for a symmetrical look for the main part of the detail. However, where the skirt joins to the top part of the leotard I have gone asymmetric to add a little difference, but also to soften the harshness of the distinct colour change. This is also repeated on the back of the leotard.

And the flowery finale!!!