Keep It Simple

This week I wanted to demonstrate that leotards don’t have to be super complex and detailed to look effective on stage. The last couple blogs have been highly decorative, so it is nice to create something that is paired back but still striking.

I wanted this leotard to be stylish and elegant, so therefore I went with the colour black. However, I made the main section of the leotard out of black velvet because it just looks so elegant under the stage lights. Plus I have added some sparkle sequin material on the top of the bust and through the centerline of the leotard. And for embellishments I have gone for silver with AB Swarovski… silver is definitely my go to colour for embellishments.

The back of this leotard is a little different to how I normally do my backs I had an idea to use pineapple beads intricately across the back. I could had used flesh lycra to cover the whole back and sew the pineapple beads on, but I decided against that. This is because I fin when you hand sew these pineapple beads the shape skews, which I didn’t want. Instead I have wrapped wire around the pineapple beads and molded in to the shape I wanted.

Even though I have kept the embellishments simple, it still takes just as long and a lot of playing to figure out what will work best. I could have put more stones on this leotard… but then it would void the point of keeping it simple.