Champagne Fizz

Today to the bling table, we have decided to ‘blinged’ up a champagne glass.

The idea behind the bling is to represent the bubbles that rise within the glass itself. Therefore to make this work we will be using four different sizes of Swarovski diamantes, ss10, ss20, ss30, and ss40.

The best way to make this work is to free hand it; don’t get too precise. But as we say in every Blinging post don’t go over board.

It can be a little denser in bling close to the base and then rise up softly to a few peaks… That’s how I styled mine.

Have a watch at the fun.

A not to be let you glue go a little "Tacky" before you place the diamantes on. Therefore you won't have to worry about them sliding when you turn the glass.