It's All About The Lace

Truth be told, this week’s theme kind of went out the door while making the leotard! My initial inspiration was the 1920’s, and what I had envisioned was a short ‘A’ line skirt with side slits and 7cm fringing around the base. The fringing was the short fall and therefore was not added to the leotard. Which subsequently doesn’t make it 1920’s themed anymore!

It is true sometimes our ideas don’t converge the way we want to, but that is ok. It makes us come up with creative solutions and reworks our mindset. Which can lead you down the road to a whole other dimension … or…. just scraping the idea and start again!

Though I didn't use the fringing the rest of the leotard idea remained the same.

Why I don’t think the fringing didn’t work is because of the open space at the bottom of the skirt.

Even if I was to frame the bottom with lace, there would still be a large space of open Lycra and it would just attract attention to the wrong place.

This leotard was very labor intense; over all there are 15 different segments of hand sewing, which takes a lot of time. And of course the lace then all has to be decorated with glitter, stones and diamantes.

One technique I used that I haven’t done in a while was using a flat paintbrush to apply the glue for the glitter. It’s very simple, just like how you normal paint. However the reason why I used it was because I wanted the glitter to look flat not raised when you use it straight from the bottle.

And there you have it, the final product!!