Eyes Of Emerald Green

We have gone colour eccentric this week, and to be more specific, the hues of Green! Emerald Green is one of my favourite colours, but it really isn’t a colour that I use a lot. So this week I decided to give it a whirl.

At the start of this year I save an image of a dress from the Tony Yaacoub Haute Couture 2013 Fall Collection. The whole collection is just out standing, and embellished to the highest detail. However this dress just had to be converted to a leotard.

Apart from the colour!!! What was really intriguing about this dress was the bust, how it comes out over the top of the embellishments. So the idea is to use the top and make a leotard out of it.

The tricky part of this leotard was how to do the three-dimensional effect so that the Lycra wouldn’t flop. I could have sewn in a static material between the two layers of Lycra, however that would mean the Lycra could no longer stretch. Boning was another option, but nevertheless I end up going with a pipe cleaner! The pipe cleaner was only added to the edge of the Lycra and sewn in so it wouldn’t move. The best part about using pipe cleaners is the metal, because you are able to manipulate the wire to hold a particular shape. This also has the added benefit of remolding, so if different people wear it, it can be shaped to them.

And then lastly I added dots of glitter the chiffon so it matched in more with the sequined Lycra above.

And the finished product!