Black And Gold - Part 2

This week is a PART 2!! Now way back in March there was a post called Black and Gold (Black and Gold - Part 1 LINK), which looked at the process of drafting a pattern from scratch. I even got a little tech savvy, and made a video of the process!!! However now I’m going to make the actual leotard for you all.

Now one of the elements I touched on in part 1, was whether you overlock or zigzag materials together.

Here are some guidelines! (Meaning you can do whatever feels most comfortable for you)

  • If its Lycra going on top of flesh or mesh – ZigZag!

  • Heavy sequined material - ZigZag!

  • Lycra on Lycra – Overlock

  • Lace on Lace – Overlock

  • Side, shoulder, leg and arm seams – Overlock

  • Attaching the bottom (pant) part of the leotard –Overlock and or ZigZag!

Now this leotard is the perfect example of using your materials to create the sparkle instead of bling. However I was a little bit worried that the yellow with gold sequins would look too yellow against the blacks, and I didn’t want a bumblebee effect occurring! So to counter act this problem I will lace gold glitter on the material.

And the glittering Lycra didn’t stop there; I have also decided to do the outlines of the flowers on the black mesh lace in gold glitter. Now I did do a little trial run before doing it on the actual leotard. I am lucky enough to have this gold holographic glitter in three sizes, fine, medium and large - below I have tested the fine and medium. Though the medium stands out I do want it to be a little subtler, to work better with the other Lycras on the leotard.

Now I did actually try to add bling to this leotard, however everything added just wasn’t that necessary and didn’t really work. Nevertheless, if I did add bling it would be just too over the top! As it is already doing to sparkle like mad on stage!! Knowing when to stop is the most important, if in doubt hold back!

BLACK AND GOLD - The final product