Mellow Yellow

This week we are going back to 2012, when I did my first ever leotard creation for a team item. All up there were 13 leotards made and it was the first time I have ever had to make more than two of the same leotards. As I have said before, I made these leotards to the best of my capability at the given time… and they were definitely not up to the standard I produce now.

What this leotard did have going for it was its shape and panels. Though it was a simple leotard, it was flattering for all shapes and sizes. And I definitely can see myself using this design as a base structure because of those reasons.

But now I want to dazzle it up and refresh its look. Cue REMAKE!!!

First off I had to figure how to hide the glitter glue that was already on the leotard. Thus, I decide to go with lace as it could hide most of it, however the lace did not quite work with such a narrow “v”.

As a result, to length the look, I added a flesh love heart shape panel in the centre. Now I have learnt my lesson from the Valentines Theme Leotard! To make sure the shape is not too big. Then I was able to wrap the lace around the heart.

I have also change how the lace trim sits on the top of the neckline, because I bought the lace all the way up!

It did take me a while to figure out what colour glitter I was going to use! And I ended up going with three different glitters; Bronze, silver based gold and holographic gold. A little bit of a balancing act using these three glitters, and also the hints of black diamantes for extra definition.

From the start of this remake I knew that I was going to add some ruffles to the side of the leotard. But after a little playing around, I decided to continue it all the way around the black, because it looked cute!!! :)

Though it did look disjointed to the rest of the leotard, so I tied it back up to the front by adding the lace and bling!