Shake It Out

Sometimes we have the pleasure of getting to wear a leotard that are not only amazing to the eye, but also super fun to wear. And this week’s leotard definitely embraces this concept.

So for this leotard it is all about the fringing, and I mean a lot of fringing. There are many different types of fringing that can be used. From stretch to non-stretch, sequin and hand cut. Each has its pros and cons, and I guess its up to your own personal preference or the look you are trying to achieve.

For this specific leotard I went with the hand cut fringing, as the stretch fringing that you can buy was a little too on the purple side of pink. Thus, the vision I had in my head was a bright pink!

The use of had cut fringing will change the shaking flow compared to bought fringing. This is because of width, unless you’re a pro at cutting really thin lines, there is no way you’re going to end up with 1mm lines. I aim to cut the fringing 3-4mm wide, and YES it does take a bit of time to cut! Patience is the key!

This type of fringing makes that movement a little sharper, as it has blunt edges. However as the Lycra is light it still flows nicely, compared to sequin Lycra, which is a lot heavier.

Most of this fringing is 15cm long, with fringing around the bust either 10cm or cut to fit with in the lace.

This leotard is then finished off with lace, pineapple beads and diamantes, all in silver or AB tones

And here is the final product!

I am definitely looking forward to trying this leotard on and shaking about!! :)