I absolutely love doing these blogs every week, especially when I’m able you to show you a skill, a technique or just an idea. From the 12th to the 16th of April, ie. TODAY!!! it is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. So I thought I would show you how to use fashion and transfer the idea to leotards.

As the fashion week has only just started I’ll have to use a design from last year.

So the designer that I decided to go with was Alex Perry and I've selected one of his bold black and white designs.

Now this design is very simple and very different to what I’ve produced so far for my weekly blogs. But it also shows how simple is effective on stage and that it’s not all about the all the decorations you put on top. Sometimes it’s better to let the material shine.

Now the beauty with Lycra is that you could actually get a near perfect Lycra to suit each segment. However I’ve decided to change the type of look for each segment, to make it look a little more defined and to sparkle more! :)

So I’ve used:

The hardest part in drafting this pattern is get the proportions right. It did take a while to get those sharp lines at perfect angles, that also fit in with the shape of the leotard. There was a lot of rubbing and drawing out!

However if you take your time when you are drafting it will then make the sewing step a lot easier.

Once the leotard was made it was time to attach the skirt, which is a little tricky making sure all the lines match up. A SNEAKY little hint, if your line are out by a millimeter you can easily hide this with some glitter (or trim) however I will be using glitter on this leotard.

And that is it, a very simple, but yet effective leotard.