Bunny Time


Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend :)

This will be a short blog this week! As I didn’t really experiment with anything new!

Now the theme, which by no bout you have already guessed!

Is Easter and the Easter Bunny :)

The colours I went with for this design are white and pink, which are the most classic colours used to create a girls Easter Bunny outfit!

As per usual I started off my design with a stretch and then draft my pattern.

I have kept the design very simple and symmetrical this week, which helps in the decoration phase. This is because everything you put on has a pair or is either down the centerline, making the balancing act easier.

Once the leotard is made it is then time to decorate!!

One thing that I have done differently to normal is that I have glued on the center love heart instead of sewing it on. Normally I do sew it on by machine or hand… but I decide to go give gluing a go. The only thing is that the glue does change the colour of the lycra.

And here is the final product …

Though I’ve made it for an Easter Bunny theme, it could also be used for a mouse theme.