Marilyn Monroe

This weeks post is all about the iconic bombshell of a lady Marilyn Monroe!

I must say that this leotard design is a little unique to how I normally design a leotard for a client. It actually started out with an already made leotard, which I had made previously. With a brief of

shaky tail, silver embellishments and to embrace the Mrarilyn character.

Thus, the first thing I did was look at images of Marilyn for inspiration, with the idea in mind of doing something different. WHY? One, because the classic of images of Marilyn dosen’t depict her with a shaky tail. And two, Marilyn was such an icon that this costume deserves nothing but the best.

So here is were I started with my search for images of Marlin.

Classic white lace check… and something going across from right to left, is what I get from these pictures.

Then I found this picture… Bam!!! This is exactly what I was searching for, something wonderful. Silver, fringing and completely different.​

So what I envision from this is an exposed leg with a short lace skirt. However I will not put embellishment on the leg as the start of the skirt line is a lot lower than Marilyn in this particular picture.

From here I started exploring ideas for the skirt to create a "Marylin vision".

When working with a client using visual cues are great idea to get your vision across, either through sketches or pictures of things that are similar so the client can get an idea of were I’m heading with their leotard!!

Now that I have a clear idea of were I’m going its time to start creating!!!

In hand I had; lace, many different layers of fringing and colour, pineapple beads, feathers, diamantes, stones and of course glitter… lots of glitter.

Finshed Product

And the final product with headgear!!!!

Looking absolutely wonderful Miss T