I want my name in sparkles!

This week to the bling table is the sturdy garment bags.

Garment bags are an essential possession for any dancer to transport their leotards around. They decrease the likelihood of your leotard(s) getting damaged and reduce the amount of creases and wrinklies. Especially for Graceful Solo’s starting this weekend, you don’t want to waste the time you just spent ironing your skirt so it can get wrinklies in transport.

So I am keeping it simple with the ‘blinging’ and just going to be using glitter and diamantes today! I’m also not going to put much on the garment bag, because the bag itself isn’t the really show stopper! It's the leotard that is inside it that should show all the glory, especially as these garment bags are clear!

Now I like to put the person's name or the character they are portraying in their performance on the garment bag. This can be done is a multiple colours, but I do stick to fine glitter to keep the letter formation neat. And once the glue is dry, then I add the diamantes for that extra sparkle.

(n.b, I do the lettering by hand, and this means there might be some inconstancies with letter formation)

Here are some of my recent examples.

If you're interested in one of these garment bags head over to the facebook page to enter yourself in the running for your own personlised clear gament bag.