It’s not always about the Swarovski’s!

A little disclaimer about this week’s blog. In no way is this leotard design/ideal one of my own. Here I have used a costume idea to provide an example, which will be addressed below.

I also don’t condone copying; I believe we should be inspired by what we see in the wider world and use that as our inspiration and interrelation’s.

Plus I can never control myself! And will always have to add my own spin … which is exactly what has happened here for this week’s leotard.

So my objective to show you this week is an alternative to the much loved Swarovski’s diamanates, which are a lot cheaper!! “Cheaper in cost and time”

However they still sparkle just as much.

Now I didn’t really want to remake a leotard that I’ve already done and two I don’t think any of my leotards are excessively blinged!

Thus, I’ve chosen to use an example of a costume worn by Sophia Lucia.

(These three pictures have been sourced via Instagram.)

Swarovski’s are very versatile to use as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also play around with them on your leotard to get the best effect before gluing them permanently onto you leotard.

This method is very time consuming though! And the added fact that Swarovski’s cost quite a bit to start of with makes for a very expensive end price.

From looking at the pictures above I can already see two areas were Swarovski’s wouldn’t be needed.

First off, is the bust that is covered by mesh. Here I have used have used Holographic sequin Lycra which is so sparkly on stage. The most you will pay for this material is $60.00 AUD, and here I have only used 15cm max, which is every cost effective.

And secondly, is the lace. Here I will be replacing Swarovski’s for glitter, Black Holographic glitter. Glitter can be a little messy, but it is so much quicker that individually gluing Swarovski’s. Plus I think glitter sparkles mor ethan Jet Black Swarovski’s.

Another thing I decide to go with out was the feathers on the skirt, for cost reasons and for practicality. You also have to be a little more carful with feathers:

  • Feathers can be lost on stage, equals distracted performer

  • Washing and drying them is a hassle

  • Have to be careful of the dye in the feathers, could run on your leotard.

So instead I opted for a mesh that had sparkles and little flowers on it. This also worked better because it matches the purples and pinks on the bust.

This is the final picture of this week’s leotard. As you can see it is definitely not a direct copy of Sophia Lucia’s costume, I’ve changed design quite a bit on the back and the skirt. And nevertheless I’ve incorporated a costume that was separated parts into one-piece leotard.