Madonna .2

"I would love to do every project that I've ever looked at and have a second look at it, because you can always go one step further. And if you can't go one step further, than it means you haven't learnt from what you've done before.

And you're not sharp ... then it's time to say stop and do something else."

Norman Foster

Over the past five years my sewing and design skills have developed astronomically! So when I heard this quote it reminded me how far I have come and how I have progressed as a sewer.

Hence I’ve decided to revisits one of my very first leotards to grace the stage.

I still very much love this leotard and the design idea, however it is just not up to the standard of my leotards today!

SOOOO… this was the “Madonna” leotard from 2011

Pretty much I’m going to keep the design structure the same but make the ‘v’ in the centre a little less wide and put new flesh on the leotard.

As for ‘blinging’ I’ll keep it quite similar to the style I had done before however I will have more stones and add more pink into the design.

Before I started remaking this lovely leotard, I checked that all the lycra that wasn’t going to be replaced was still good and hadn’t perished.

The only thing that had started to perish was some of the black elastic on the back. However I was going to have to take it all off to revamp the leotard, so I’m just going to replace the whole lot.

Introducing Madonna .2