Sweet Dreams

“Blinging Up At Home” #2

What is the second object to hit the “Blinging Table” you may ask?

Well the answer is… a plain black sleeping mask.

But for this bling up! I’m not just going to use diamantes; this sleeping mask is going to get the full Diamante, Glitter & Lace treatment!!! That’s right... NOT will there be diamantes, there will also be lace and glitter on this sleeping mask!

Firstly, what I did with this sleeping mask was place the lace onto the sleeping mask to see how it fitted and if I need to cut the lace and maybe rearrange the formation of the lace.

(Luckily I only had to cut a little bit off the end as you can see in the picture)

Then I cut off the elastic that goes around the back part of your head. It was quite thin and boring, plus I have some nice black elastic that has scallops on one edge.

Once the lace has been sewn on to the mask - making sure that stitches don’t go through to the inside of the mask, this is fore aesthetic and practical reasons!

Then it’s time to glitter!!!!!! Two types of glitter have been used on this lace; they are both the exact same colour, just different sizes.

When the glitter dry’s it is then time to add the diamantes. Here I have used a variety of sizes, shapes and colours for the overall appearance of the mask.

…………. AND the final product :)