Purple Snowflake


The theme for this week leotard light, white and delicate. One of my go to colours has always been white, thus I’m going to use as it as my base colour. The idea for this leotard has been running through my head for ages, so finally be able to take the idea from my head to real life creation is making me super excited!!!!

This idea, which I’ve had for so long, is based on baby doll style of leotard. Think what Shirley temple would have worn, but with a softer look. I want this leotard to feel airy and light but also sparkle under the lights. For this sparkle I’ll be using white lace to form a pattern on the top part of the costume and will be using gems and glitter to make the pattern shine.

At first for this leotard I decided to go with colour, pinks and purples… and some sliver inter-disperse.

When it came to playing around with the embellishments on the lace, my ideas soon changed… I went from a colour spectrum idea of pink, purple and blue, to soft pinks and purples. Nevertheless I went with just purple, hinting on the darker purples intermixed with soft lilacs and light pinks, and a touch of black. The reason for this was so the colours wouldn’t wash out, especially when it hits the stage lights.


What I like about this leotard is that it isn’t determined by a theme – both by music or ideal – it’s just something girly and pretty, and really can be used for a whole array musical ideas.

Snowflake 2