To be popularrrrr....

For this weeks leotard I really had know idea what or where this leotard was going to go or how it was going to turn out!! Due to having to get it going and done, I took a leap a faith and just went with it.


How this leotard came to life was because I had left over pink lycra and bits and pieces of chiffon and love heart netting. So I decided that I would put it all together in some quirky way.

I did have a design in my head for the base leotard and how I wanted the skirt to sit, seeing as I only had limited resources of the chiffon. So this idea definitely leaned towards an asymmetric style.

Once the leotard had been made, and the lace had been puzzled together and sewn on. It was time to being…

This is wear the struggle started!!

I know that light pink and silver work well together, but I’ve recently have done a couple of leotards with silver embellishments. So I kind of wanted to get away from it and do something different with more colour. However there is still going to be silver on it! Just not the main colour.

When I started decorating the lace I tried light pink stone at first, which really didn’t work, as I felt it made it look too washed out. However when I tried the brighter pink it did look a little better, but would need balancing out with other colour stones. Because otherwise they would be like BAM!! And really in your face!

Now how I came to the resolution that this leotard would be good for Galinda from the musical Wicked. When you have a look at some of the costumes in Wicked and especially in the Emerald Green City section, they are very quirky and embrace the fantasy ideal of the all-allusive wizard. Which from a theatrical point of view its nice to see something a little out there.

Although when you look at this leotard and what Galinda wears in Popular the only similarities are that there is pink and ruffles!!

But I feel that we shouldn’t limit our imagination to what we just see on stage. Yes, when I started this leotard I had no idea what it was for. But as soon as the decorations started to take shape and the skirt, I just knew this would be prefect for the character Galinda. Its different, its quirky … but also quite cute!

And with that I can definitely see this design being made in green and black for Elphaba! Which is definitely going on my to do list for later down the track!