Blinging up at home

This is going to be an on going series of blog posts to show how one can bling up their every day items that they have lying around the house.

DYI bling you could say!!! And dosen't everyone love to add a little bit of extra sparkle to their life.

So this weeks object to the blining table, is your common drink bottle. I've specifically have used a VOS water bottle becuase it has a flat top.

Now..... it is so easy to go over the top with diamantes and put them anywhere and everywhere!!! But sometimes a little restraint is needed and the rememberance that what you are blinging up still needs to be fit for the use it was intended for.

I've tested out my video making skills this week, which for myself is a challenge and definitely needs some work! But... Nevertheless enjoy!

This the complete version of the bottle in the video :)


I have also include a image of a similar stlye I did last year with imitation swaroski's last year.


For those wanting to know the difference in Swaroski's (left) and Imitation Swaroski's (right)


And also some other designs that are more simple and take way less time to do!!!


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