Valentines Day

Once again Valentines Day has been and gone for another year... aka "the day of romance" <3.

So to Celebrate the day of romance , we have created a leotard around the themes of Valentines.

The first ideals that pop into my head when I brainstorm valentines day, love and or romance are:

  • Love Hearts

  • Red

  • Pink

  • Velevet

  • Chocolates (But this isn't really going to work on a costume :P)

  • Decadent

  • Luxury

  • Diamonds

There are way more things I could write down but those above apart from chocolate are the most relevant in leotard terms .

Nevertheless these words are going to help sur on some inspiration during the concept stage.


Now just a little note to be, my leotards generally develop when I'm making them. This is because when you're in the decoration stage ideas change and by putting things in different places might just enhance your design a little better.

Its now time to start creating!

I had a little bit of a set back at first with this leotard, which was due to different colours of reds! It was the first time I had purchased lycra online in Australia, and though I thought I had pick the right colour.... I didn't! :(

The Velvet lycra was a cool red and the shine lycra was a warm red. I Probably could have used the two lycras together and it most probably still would have looked good. But I couldn't bring myself to do it, and therefore I went to a local fabric store and brought more lycra to match the Velvet Lycra!!

The Final Product :)


I am happy with how this has turned out even if it is not exactly what I had visioned it at the start!

If I was to make this leotard again there are somethings I would change in the actual construction of the leotard design. I feel that I made the flesh heart in the middle too large, so next time I would scale the whole heart down. Which would mean that I would have more room for decoration on the Velvet Lycra part.

I also wanted to have no side seams on the main body of the leotard, which I have achieved. However I wanted this to be more cut in that what I have actually done. Pretty much where the strip diamantes are, is were I would prefer the curve of the side cuts to be.