Let's make a leotard

This is a beginner’s guide into how to make a Leotard using only your sewing machine to create the whole Leotard. In this video we show you how to use one of Diamante, Glitter & Lace Patterns, which available as a PDF and can be printed on your home Computer/Printer.

We have always said that practice makes perfect, and everyone has to start somewhere.  So learning the basics is the best way to start your Leotard journey. 

In this video you will make a basic Leotard, however you will also learn all the techniques that are used to make more complicated Leotards.

We will be doing more online videos later on that will be more complex in designs. If you are interested in them we suggest you start off with this video to learn the basics as they may not be covered in detail in the next video. 

This video is an hour long and is suitable for teenagers up. 

In this video we show you how to:
  • Use our PDF Pattern and cut your Lycra out

  • How to sew your Leotard using just a sewing machine

  • Insert Lycra into the Leotard

  • How to attach elastic via two different method   


The video will be available for purchase from the 3rd of May 2020 at 9am WST to the 15th of May 2020 at 9am WST. You can register before the 3rd and the video will be made available to you on the 3rd of May 2020 at 9am WST


What you will need for this project:
  • Sewing Machine

  • Scissors

  • Lycra  - Two different plain colours

    • One: Width 40cm Length 120cm

    • Two: Width 15cm Length 15cm

  • Threads to match both Lycra colours

  • Elastics

    • 9mm – 2 meters

    • 16mm – 1 meter

  • Pins

  • Safety pin

  • Ruler

  • Seam ripper – just encase you make any mistakes

  • The downloadable Girls 6 PDF Pattern

  • Printer

  • Diamante, Glitter & Lace’s  Let’s Make A  Leotard video


We are aware that some people who would like to participate in Let’s Make A Leotard might not be able to go to the shops to get the materials needed. Thus, we will be offering, for purchase, Lycra and Elastic packages for your convenience.

If you would like us to provide you with the two Lycra colours and two types of Elastics, these are available for purchase, please let us know if you would like this option through messenger or email.

Colour Lycras available for purchase include: Aqua, Hot Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, and Purple. Second Lycra colour will be a Flesh Lycra.    

If you would just like to purchase the two types of elastic, please let us know.

Lycra / Elastic combo: $15.00 AUD plus postage

Elastic Only: $5.00 AUD plus postage

Lycra Only: $12.50 AUD plus postage

Different Size Pattern: $5.00 AUD plus postage