How to Hire 


If you are considering hiring out one of these leotards please contact us through the Contact page or Facebook page, and make sure you quote the name of the leotard you are looking at hiring. 

From there we will make an appointment for you to come a try the leotard on.  If you are happy with the fit of the leotard you have selected then you can make a booking to secure the particular leotard for the specific date you intent to wear it on. 

We have provided a size guide for your convince.  

For our interstate clients (not WA) Please send through your measurements when you are requesting a leotard , as we will be able to tell you if you are going to fit in the leotard.  


Hire Terms and COnditions

To try on one of our leotards please make a booking though our Contact Page  or our Facebook page.
Our Policy is 'first-in-best-dressed' so please make sure of your choice as we do not issue refunds for cancellations of bookings deposits.
Unfortunately we cannot hold leotards because we need to be certain of what is available or not.
A 50% deposit must be placed upon booking, the remainder due upon pick up. Deposits are non-refundable.
Leotards are available for you to collect two days prior to your event or will be posted to arrive two days prior to the event at a cost to the client.  
Once a booking is confirmed, you cannot transfer your leotard to another date
                 **We understand that sometimes that dates are still to be confirmed with dance and calisthenics competition. However if you provide us with the name of the competition, the date/s you think the competition is, and your item and section. Then we consider that leotard booked for that period and section. As soon as you know the exact date let Diamante, Glitter & Lace know.
You agree to not attempt to iron, spot clean or wash the leotard while it is in your possession.
If you have booked a leotard and do not wish to wear it, 48 hours notice is needed to be given before the pick up date. Otherwise you will need to pay the rest of the hire fee owing.
All leotards must be returned by the following Tuesday after your event, unless other arrangements have been made by Diamante, Glitter & Lace.   
If an item is no longer in a ‘wearable’ condition after it is returned and cleaned, the lessee is responsible for the replacement value of the item. What is a ‘wearable’ condition is up to the discretion of Diamante, Glitter & Lace. Diamante, Glitter & Lace, investigates and determines what will be the replacement cost.














How much does it cost to hire a Leotard?

Prices range from $30.00 – $110.00 AUD for our leotards.

Cleaning services of the leotard is included with in the hire price.

All minor damage is included in the hire price.

However, excessive damage will incur an additional cost, which will be dealt with on an individual basis


Do you deliver the Leotard?

For Western Australian customers your leotards will be ready to collect a minimum of two days prior to your hire date. This is dependent on the hire schedule, however we will let you know  

Interstate hires your leotards will be expressed posted at a cost to you, to arrive two days before your event.


Do you carry out alterations on the Hire Leotards?

No, Diamante, Glitter and Lace does not carry out alterations on the hire leotard. Unfortunately if the leotard doesn't fit, then it doesn't fit.

And NO please don't carry out your own alterations on our hire costumes.     


What if I get fake tan on the leotard?

DON’T STRESS!!! As much as we prefer that fake tan doesn’t get on the leotard, we understand it does happen. Firstly, don’t try and wash or spot clean the leotard. Most often fake tan will come out when the leotard is cleaned.


What if I get lipstick on the leotard?

Just like fake tan don’t stress!! But PLEASE definitely do not try and clean it with anything. Just leave it to us to get out! 


What do I do if the leotard gets damaged?

Please don’t try and repair it yourself, we prefer you to get in contact with us asap. Small damages are covered in the cost of your hire. However if the leotard is no longer in ‘wearable’ condition after it is returned and cleaned, the client is responsible for the replacement value of the item. What is ‘wearable’ condition is up to the discretion of Diamante, Glitter and Lace. Diamante, Glitter and Lace investigates and determines what the replacement cost of a leotard is.


Do you purchase from customers?

No, we do not purchase leotards from customers. Please do not ask, as we do not wish to offend.


Do you ever sell off the Leotards?

Yes, there will be times were we will be selling leotards off.  If there is something particular you would like to purchase please contact us and we can let you know if it is available for purchase.