Diamante, GLitter & Lace

Are you looking for something different and want your leotard or costume to stand out on stage. Well look no further, as Diamante, Glitter & Lace can create your dream costume and make sure you sparkle with extra pizzazz.  


In a time of consumerism and mass manufacturing Diamante, Glitter & Lace has broken away from the flock. This designer has embraced the resurgence and appreciation for quality hand made goods. As such, delicate operations occur at Diamante, Glitter & Lace; to not only produce spectacular one of a kind leotards, but to produce leotards to the highest standards of quality.   

Diamante, Glitter & Lace is known for creating one of a kind leotards and costumes that are just that bit different. They are exquisite high end pieces that every dance just has to have. If you are after sparkle and want to bedazzle the judges, then you are in the right place.


Everything that is featured on this website is created by true craft(women)ship! We only offer quality and nothing less.

We just know you will fall in love with your one of a kind costume.